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Especially Fur You

We’ve been providing professional and reliable pet sitting services since 2008.

About Us 

I think there are just some people who are born animal lovers. That is definitely the case with me. I can't remember a time when I didn't have animals and couldn't imagine my life without them. Since 2008, I've been providing professional and reliable services that pet owners can count on.

With over a decade of experience and training, I understand the expectations of pet parents. That's why I have dedicated my life to ensuring every animal is safe and happy.

This is what happens when I go to bed late! My furry family: Black dog-Ellie, Golden Retriever-Ethan, Orange striped cat-Jordy, Calico cat Lexie and black cat right above Ellie is Sox. Chances are, it may look a little like this at your home as well.

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